The Cat that Suffered from Dogphobia: A Short Story

cymric2An old man lived alone in his house, and he didn’t want to live that way anymore. So one morning he climbed out of bed, put in his false teeth, combed his white hair, and after he ate breakfast, he got in his car and drove to the SPCA.

He adopted a cat to keep him company. It had long orange hair and was missing one ear.

After carrying the cat to his car, the old man drove to a pet store to buy cat food, and a leash and harness. When he got home, the cat followed him to the kitchen, and he set the bag of items he bought on the counter.

“Would you like something to eat?” he asked the cat.

“Yes,” the cat purred. “I’m starving.”

The old man opened a can of cat food, put it in a bowl, and the cat ate it.

“Would you like a saucer of milk?”

“Yes,” the cat said. “I’m thirsty.”

The old man went to the fridge, poured milk into a saucer, and the cat lapped it up.

“Would you like to go for a walk?”

“No,” the cat hissed, and he walked to the kitchen table and sat under it.

The old man, not understanding a word the cat said, took the leash and harness out of the bag. “You’re going to love wearing this!”

The cat frowned. “No, I won’t.”

Kneeling by the table, the old man put the harness on the cat and clipped on the leash. Then he tried to walk the cat out the door, but the cat stepped back.

The old man pulled on the leash, but the cat spread his claws and scratched the hardwood floor, so the old man removed the harness and went for a walk by himself.

When the old man came back, the cat was sitting on the kitchen counter. He reached and tried to pet him.

“I’m not touchy-feely,” the cat said, jumping down from the counter.

Every day for a week, it was the same. The cat refused to go for a walk, and he wouldn’t let the old man pet him. So the old man drove to the SPCA and got a dog: a Standard Schnauzer with black hair.

When the old man brought the dog home, he took him to the kitchen, opened a can of beans and put it in a bowl. After the dog ate the beans, he started barking.

“More! More!” the dog said.

The cat came into the kitchen and hissed at the dog. “The dog has to go!”

“What’s wrong with you?” the old man asked.

“The dog will kill me.”

The dog shook his head. “No; no. I’m a good dog.”

The old man and the dog became best friends. Every day, they went for a walk, and the dog let the old man pet him and rub his back and belly.

Every night, after the old man went to bed, the cat slept on top of the fridge, and the dog sat by the stove and growled at the cat.

A month went by, and the old man couldn’t understand why the cat didn’t like the dog, so he made an appointment with a veterinarian. When the day of the appointment arrived, he drove the cat to the animal hospital, and the receptionist took them to a waiting room. The old man sat on a chair, while the cat sat under the table and meowed.

“Are you planning to fix me?” the cat asked. But the old man didn’t answer him.

When the vet came into the waiting room, he asked the old man, “What can I do for you today?”

“My cat hates my dog,” the old man sighed. “He hisses at him all the time.”

The vet got down on one knee and looked at the cat. “He’s missing an ear. What happened to him?”

The old man shrugged. “I don’t know; I got him from the SPCA.”

“A Rottweiler tried to eat me,” the cat said to the vet.

The vet petted the cat. “What kind of dog do you have?”

“He’s a Standard Schnauzer.”

“It’s normal for a cat to be afraid of a dog. And some Schnauzers do attack cats.”

The old man shook his head. “Not my schnauzer. He wouldn’t hurt anyone.”

“He’s planning to kill me,” the cat said to the vet. “He taunts me every night.”

“Is there anything you can do for him?” the old man asked.

“I’ll give you a prescription for diazepam. It will help calm his fear.”

“Let’s try it,” the old man said.

“Let’s not,” the cat frowned.


After leaving the animal hospital, the old man drove to a pharmacy and ordered the diazepam. When he got home, he mixed the drug in the cat food and put it in a bowl.

“I don’t do drugs,” the cat said, staring at the bowl. “I’d rather starve.”

The old man tried for two days, but the cat refused to eat the diazepam. So the old man fed the cat normal cat food.

But he warned him: “You need to learn how to get along with the dog.”

“He’s not my friend,” the cat said, hissing at the dog.

“I didn’t do anything to you!” the dog said.

“You will,” the cat replied.

That night, after the old man went to bed, the cat jumped down from the fridge and went to the bathroom to get a drink of water.

The dog followed him and said, “The master is good to you, but you won’t go for a walk with him, or let him pet you. You need to be taught a lesson.”

The cat finished lapping up water from the toilet. “Try it.”

The dog growled, charged at the cat, knocked him into the toilet, bit down hard on his tail and wouldn’t let go.

The cat yowled, broke free of the dog’s bite, and jumping out of the toilet with his claws spread wide, he landed on the dog and scratched him on his back, belly, and face.

The sound of the cat yowling and the dog yelping woke the old man up. He got out of bed and ran to the bathroom.

The cat was still scratching the dog, so the old man kicked the cat to the wall and stood between them.

“Why are you two fighting?” he asked the cat.

“It was self-defense,” the cat said calmly. “He tried to kill me.”

“No; no. I just wanted him to be nice to you,” the dog said. “He doesn’t love you like I do.”

The old man saw how badly the dog was scratched. There was blood all over the bathroom floor.

He picked up the cat, walked to the front door and threw him outside. “You’re a mean and nasty cat!” he yelled.

“I’m the victim here,” the cat said, landing on his feet. “The dog got what he deserved.”

The old man looked at the cat, shook his head with disappointment and shut the door.

And after that, the dog never attacked the cat again.


4 thoughts on “The Cat that Suffered from Dogphobia: A Short Story

  1. I like the style of the story. It reads rather like a fairytale with titles rather than names given to the characters but it runs the risk of sounding a bit stilted at times. The ending feels nicely ambiguous i.e. did the dog not attack the cat because the cat ran away, because the dog learned his lesson, because the cat kept his distance from then on, etc. I actually chuckled when the cat said ‘let’s not’ to the diazepam. It’s typical of cats to always have the last word, even if no one understands them!

    Liked by 1 person

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